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Plan, Design, Connect, and Grow.

Here at Neolynx, we firmly believe that your website should serve as a multi-media content publishing platform meant to generate leads for you and your business. By serving as the base of your brand, your website can connect you to your prospects, employees, and current clients – allowing you to drive business growth.

Website Goals:

  • Connect with audiences
  • Drive qualified website traffic
  • Generate leads

In addition to designing a solid website strategy, Neolynx will continue analyze, track and monitor your website traffic to ensure it generates leads.

The Core Neolynx Process

Web Design Los Angeles

  1. Definethe Project
    • Discover– Gather information. Understand audience. Analyze industry.
    • Plan– Create a project plan. Set the budget. Create schedule. Assign team. Setup stage. Plan for testing.
    • Clarify– Set high-level goals. Prepare communication brief. Kick off the project.
  2. Develop the Structure
    • Content Plan– Audit existing content. Outline new content. Create delivery plan.
    • Structure Site– Create sitemap. Set naming conventions.
    • Structure Pages– Create wireframes. Address navigation. Naming & labeling. Define user tasks. Create user view (dynamic sites).
  3. DesignVisual Interface
    • Create– Review site goals. Develop concepts. Design for user. Presenting the designs.
    • Confirm– Create HTML protosite. Test functionality.
    • Hand-Off – Create graphic templates. Create design style guide.
  4. Build& Integrate
    • Prepare– Assess project status. Establish guidelines. Set file structure.
    • Build– Optimize graphics. Create HTML templates. Implement light testing. Populate pages. Integrate backend.
    • Test– Create a quality assurance plan & fix bugs. Conduct final survey.
  5. Launch& Beyond
    • Deliver– Production style guide. Create handoff packet. Conduct postmortem.
    • Launch– Prepare announcement plan. Register with search engines. Launch site.
    • Maintain– Assess maintenance team capabilities. Internal maintenance. Develop maintenance plan. Measure success. Confirm site security.

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