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A website should be an extension of your business online. In many cases, websites are the business. However, when speaking to an average website design firm, many business owners get the sense that they are being forced to adjust their business model to fit the website design. A website design agency should never begin the conversation with a business looking for web design services by asking design related questions such as “what colors do you like for your website?” or “what’s your favorite font?” While color and fonts are an important aspect of branding, the conversation should not start there. When designing a website, the web design company assisting you should first seek to understand your business prior to making any suggestions.

At Neolynx, we begin the conversation by asking many questions. In fact, we have implemented a solid process of information gathering that is deeply rooted in solid business principles. By familiarizing ourselves with the client’s business model and practices, we are able to build a solid strategy and a clearly defined plan of action. It is this deep desire to understand the task at hand that has allowed us to build and implement solid solutions that add real bottom-line results for our clients.

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